Kako koristiti direktorij Briefcase - dijeljeni direktorij


Upload Files from Briefcase

1. Go to the Briefcase tab and select the Briefcase to save the file.
2. Click Upload File and Browse to find the file to upload.
3. In the Notes text field, add any information about the file. This information is displayed in the file list.
4. To add another file, click Add.
You cannot upload a file with the same name to the same briefcase. If a file is uploaded that already exists in the folder, an Upload Conflict dialog displays. You can either click Yes to upload the file, overwriting the existing file, or click No.

The version number is updated if a file is overwritten.

5. When all files are uploaded, click OK.
Note: If you selected the wrong briefcase, you can use drag and drop to move the file to the correct Briefcase folder.
If the file is too large, a warning displays. Files that you upload impact your account quota.

More info: https://zimbra.internet.ba/help/en_US/advanced/zimbra_user_help.htm#zwc_help_files/10_briefcase/working_in_briefcase.htm